Sun Valley Golf Antipolo Residential Estate Homeowners Association Inc


In order to facilitate movement of homeowners within Sun Valley, in coming in and out of the subdivision, a shuttle service has been provided. The shuttle service covers phases 1-6 and neighboring phases. Service is made available from 6:00am to 5:00 pm.


There are two classifications of streetlights in Sun Valley. a. MERALCO Owned – those are of Sodium or LED type attached to MERALCO poles. ON and OFF operations of these streetlights are automatic as they are provided with photo controls. Failures or intermittent operation may be attributed to defective ballast, busted lamp, or defective photo control. […]


There are two types of power interruptions that maybe experienced by SV homeowners: a. Pre-arranged or scheduled interruptions. These have definite date and duration and regularly published in newspapers and announced in radios, tv’s, and other medium of communication. Maintenance activities are pro-active to prolong the life of the equipment and prevent power failures. b. […]


Our community is situated in a vast and forested area where trees and grasses grow freely and rapidly all year round. Vacant lots become the favorite dwelling area of snakes, rats, termites, birds, other animals, and insects. Similarly, those vacant lots if not properly cleared pose chances of unexpected grassfires. To provide homeowners with safe […]