Sun Valley Golf Antipolo Residential Estate Homeowners Association Inc

There are two types of power interruptions that maybe experienced by SV homeowners:

a. Pre-arranged or scheduled interruptions.

These have definite date and duration and regularly published in newspapers and announced in radios, tv’s, and other medium of communication. Maintenance activities are pro-active to prolong the life of the equipment and prevent power failures.

b. Forced or Unscheduled Interruption.

This occurs when electric line facilities and equipment fail due to natural phenomena such as typhoon, lightning, earthquake, volcanic eruption or humanly caused by the public or Meralco personnel.

The second item is the frequent power interruption being experienced by homeowners, as a result of the following:

1b. Huge elevated area which is prone to lightning surges.

2b. Trees touching the primary (energized) lines along the roads.

3b. Animals, reptiles, and birds: squirrel, monkeys, snakes, crow and doves, touching the primary lines and its equipment.