Sun Valley Golf Antipolo Residential Estate Homeowners Association Inc

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Sun Valley Residential Estate Homeowners Association, Inc. (SVREHAI) was registered with the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board sometime in 2004 under Certificate of Registration No. 09588.

In as much as the organization and registration of SVREHAI was initiated by the Developer pursuant to Section 30 of PD 957, its former Officers and Members of the Board of Directors were employees of the Developer. They were Jose Sorreda, Bernadette Fajardo, Evangeline Domingo, Teresita Caballero and Virginia Barrios.

In order to make SVREHAI attuned with the Magna Carta for Homeowners and Homeowners Associations (RA9904), Jose Sorreda et al. approved and passed a board resolution sometime on March 10, 2016 expanding its jurisdiction covering phases 1 to 6 of the subdivision and calling for election of new Board of Directors and Officers of SVREHAI on May 29, 2016.

The election was held successfully on May 29, 2016. Marcelo Ayes, Alejandro “Alex “ Tan, Adrian Araneta, Deborah Enriquez and Vicente Angeles plus four others were elected.

But Jose Sorreda et. al. initially filed a case before the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board questioning the legality of the election. The Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board sustained the validity of the election of Marcelo Ayes, Alejandro “Alex” Tan, Deborah Enriquez and Vicente Angeles. Not contented with the decision, Jose Sorreda et. al. appealed the decision to higher courts. On March 11, 2020 the Supreme Court finally dismissed the appeal of Jose Sorreda et. al.

Since the election of May 29, 2016, albeit the hostile attitude of the Developer, SVREHAI thru its elected Officers has been functioning as a homeowners association in Sun Valley Estates Subdivision in Phases 1 to 6.

A new set of Board of Directors and Officers of SVREHAI were elected last May 18, 2019, namely, Helen Amante as President, Ernesto D. Iglesia as Vice President, Armilyn Buijs as Secretary, Yolanda Ancajas-Sanfelix as Director, Nerio Me Resuma as Treasurer, Alejandro Tan as Auditor as well as Adrian Araneta, Jose Dan Dauz and Atty. Robert Cauilan as Directors.

SVREHAI holds office at RedWood St., Lot 4 Phase 2A, Sun Valley Estates Subdivision, Antipolo City with telephone number 88616289.

Two groups composed of employees of the Developer filed two separate but identical cases for the nullification of the election of Helen Amante et. al. with prayer for the issuance of cease and desist order. Sometime on February 13, 2020 HLURB Arbiter Atty. Anne Legardo rendered two separate but identical decisions nullifying the election on ground of technicality BUT DID NOT ISSUE A CEASE AND DESIST ORDER PREVENTING Helen Amante, Ernesto Iglesia, Adrian Araneta, Nerio Me Resuma, Alejandro Tan, Armilyn Buijs, Yolanda Sanfelix, Jose Dan Dauz and Atty. Robert Cauilan from performing and continuing their tasks as officers and board of directors of SVREHAI. Helen Amante et. al. did not appeal the decisions. Rather they filed several motioins/ manifestations seeking for the immediate conduct of a special election. In order to avoid a leadership vacuum, they continue to perform their duties and render service as de facto officers until a new set of officers shall have been elected.

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