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There are two classifications of streetlights in Sun Valley.

a. MERALCO Owned – those are of Sodium or LED type attached to MERALCO poles. ON and OFF operations of these streetlights are automatic as they are provided with photo controls. Failures or intermittent operation may be attributed to defective ballast, busted lamp, or defective photo control.

b. Sun Valley Owned Streetlights.

1b. Ornamental – luminaire is attached to curved/bent steel tubes. These are supposedly metered streetlights that are located at the main roads of Sun Valley.

2b. Sodium or LED type streetlights – normally attached to MERALCO poles from SV owned service wires extending hundreds of meters away from electric meter situated in one specific point of attachment.

3b. Solar streetlights – these are lamps that source its power from sunlight, attached to the MERALCO poles or SV owned poles.